Why Your Budgies Parrot Start Eat Their Poop

Hi friends, in today’s blog I will give you details on why your old lady started eating and if you can understand Hindi you can watch the video to learn more by Clicking Here.

Sometimes birds search for food in cages or shelters, and at that time the bird does not get food to eat their poop, and sometimes they start to eat their poop because that contain vitamins and minerals. They have vitamins and minerals in their poop which come by their food. This is also higher reason for bird to eat their own poop.

If you find that a bird eat their poop, so you don’t have to worry about it, which is common in many bird. You can put calcium blocks for your birds to provide for your birds and you can easily create calcium blocks for your home by using POP powder, but make sure there are no other harmful substances in POP powder. Or you can give this bird a calcium block and you can give your bird multivitamins and minerals, and provide variety of food to your birds, because they will not tell us but we need to know what our bird want to eat and what we are giving to our bird.

So keep provide healthy food to your birds every season provide seasonal fruits to your bird, and keep Calcium and Multivitamin always in your bird Cage.

I hope this little information helps you keep your bird healthy and fit.

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