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Hello friends, In this blog today I will share with you the details of why some Budgie Parrot (Parakeet) has Black, Blue or Blue feet. If you understand Hindi you can watch the video by clicking on the top of the video or you can read this blog.

If you have Blue or Green Budgie Parrots, then you must have seen that the color of their feet is black, they have black feet like the color that Bargie Parrots have.

So keep in mind that if your budgie parrot’s legs are too dark, then it’s not a problem, it’s normal. Because only Black Blue and Green Green parrots have Black, Blue and Blue feet. While all of the colored legs of Budgie Parrot are pink. If their feet are black and black now is not a problem, this can happen to some Budgie Parrot too but in an unusual situation.

Friends, I hope that the information provided in this blog will surely work for you. Thanks for reading this for my blog.

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