Grow E Sel Best Breeding Supplement For All Birds And Animals

grow e sel

Hello Friends in this blog i am doing to tell you about A Best Breeding Supplement which you can use for your any Bird and Any Animals.

Grow E Sel is the best breeding formula for all kind of Birds and Animals because i use this from last 2018 to till date and i really saw a great effect of this product on my Birds, they lay eggs more easily and number of eggs are increase then before when i not use this.

Now i give Grow E-Sel to my New Budgies Pair and i also give to my other Parrots and i saw one female Budgie Parrot lay eggs within a week after give this formula  and some more New Pair of Budgies Parrots are ready for Breed, so as per my experience this really work as mention on description of this product on the packet.

But always keep in mind this will show different result in different place i mention only my experience maybe this will give more faster result in some other place or maybe show some slow effect in some other place, so just wait and be ready for a great result with Grow E Sel.

Grow E Sel will start showing result after few days when you start give to your bird but for some birds this work slowly but this will work as per my experience.

For Breeding time you need to give this supplement to your birds 2-4 days in a week when your birds start pairing to till date when your birds lay last egg, after this you can give this 2 times in a week to your all birds.

Here you will read some Benefits of Grow E-Sel:- Grow E Sel use for treatment of Crazy Chick Disease & Muscular Dystropy.

Grow E Sel Reduce incidence of ascites and sudden death syndrome in Broilers.

Grow E Sel Reduce leg weakness syndrome in Broiler.

Grow E Sel use for Immunity Building & Protecting against various viral disease.

Grow E Sel Improve fertility, Hachability and help to overcome the stress of Deworming and Vaccination.

Grow E Sel Increase Egg Production and this product highly recommended for Layers & Breeders.

Grow E Sel Improve Weight gain.

Grow E Sel use for faster growth and proper bone formation.

Grow E Sel prevent Night Blindness.

This video i make for you to learn more about Grow E-Sel, so if you understand Hindi you can watch my video or if you not understand then i will explain here time by time with results of this product. If you want to buy this product you can contact me i will provide you this product all over India.

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