Grow Cal D3 is the best Calcium Supplement for your Animals and Birds

grow cal d3

Hello Friends in this blog you will know about Grow Cal D3 which you can use for make your all Animals and Birds healthy and happy.

Grow Cal D3 is one of the best Calcium for your any kind of pet, you can give this to your any Bird, Cat, Dog, Cow and many more pets as per requirement. 

Grow Cal D3 i use for my Birds and Turtles to provide them Calcium, i find this is cheap and best Calcium for any kind of pets.

For Breeding time or for good health all birds need Calcium on daily basis this and this Calcium Supplement full fill all need which we need to give to our pets. Breeding time we need to give this supplement 4 times in a week from the day bird start mating to till date when they lay all eggs because that time bird need more calcium, after this we can give this supplement 2 times in a week.

For Poultry Use:-

Grow Cal D3 Prevent Leg Weakness in Broilers & Layers.

Grow Cal D3 help to improve overall Growth & Hatchability in Broilers, Breeders & Layers.

For Cattle use:- Grow Cal D3 Increases Milk Production & Optimizes fat level in Milk.

Grow Cal D3 Improves Skeletal and Muscular Strength.

Grow Cal D3 Improves Disease Resistance & Heals any cuts & Wounds Quickly.


This video i make for you to learn more about Grow E-Sel, so if you understand Hindi you can watch my video or if you not understand then i will explain here time by time with results of this product. If you want to buy this product you can contact me i will provide you this product all over India.

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