Bird Flu Protect For Your Birds

Hello Friends in this blog you will going to read about Bird Flu Sign and Prevent which can safe your bird from any kind or Bird Flu risk, so please follow step mention in the blog and if you find any issue contact Veterinarian near you. Here i will share some useful medicine which you can use to make your bird Immunity more strong to protect your bird from any kind of infection from other bird or some infection spread on bird by the weather change.

Sign of Bird Flu in your Birds.
Fever:  for check fever you can touch bird feet, if after touch you feel your bird feet warm then take action and if you find your bird feed become warm after 10-15 minutes then its ok your bird is normal.

Cough & Cold: If you see your bird start cough and have cold when liquid come out from your bird nose then be ready to take action.

Weakness: If your bird have infection then your bird become weak and not like to fly or walk or look weak.

Diarrhea/ Loose Motion: If you see your bird have loose motion/ Diarrhea then separate that bird from other birds.

Heavy Breathing: Your bird feel difficulty to take breath so keep eye on your birds specially if your bird spend time outdoor or keep your bird setup outdoor.

Swelling: If your bird infected by the virus then you will see Swelling on your bird Head and Eyes.

Suddenly Death: Suddenly Death is not only reason of Bird Flu but if infection spread in your area then you should check because some time there is not sign mention above after this bird will die because of Bird Flu, sometimes bird die naturally but if you find any reason mention above then take action for your other birds.

1. Keep your birds indoors to make them safe from outsider bird.

Poultry farmers and any Bird Setup owner move their birds indoors to protect themselves. These preventive measures are intended to keep birds separate from migratory wild birds, which are thought to spread the virus.

2. Protect your bird food from outside birds.

If not possible for your to keep your bird indoor then you can keep eye on your bird activity and you should check outsider bird not come near your birds and your bird not share food with outsider birds, if your birds share food with outsider birds then there is a high risk of virus spread in your bird setup.

3. Separate your bird who have any kind of infection.

The risk of infection remains Even if the birds live, so this should be good protection if you separate that bird from your other bird because once this virus spread then this will kill your other birds also. So if you have Poultry farm or you have Bird setup please make sure and check your birds time to time.

4. Make sure that the stalls and other Houses are kept clean.

Another good step to help prevent the spread of the disease is to take extra steps to keep your cage clean or your birds setup, including disinfecting all bird houses regularly. For commercial poultry owners advice is to completely clean and disinfect households at the end of the production cycle.If you keeping lots of bird in your home then please follow same thing to protect your birds from any infection.

5. Report any suspicions immediately.

If you find any sign in your any bird you can contact veterinarian as soon as possible to save your bird life, because after testing veterinarian can find if your bird infected by Bird Flu or other reason.

What you need to use for your Pets to Protect from Infection/ Virus.

If your bird having some problem then you can give your bird a Antibiotic, Immunity Booster or Liver care supplements also.

I use below mention Pet Care Supplements which help me to protect my bird from any kind of Infection or Disease.

First i use Immune Booster By Growel Agrovet, Immune Booster Builder resistance power against diseases and stress in cattle & Poultry and Provide Fast Recovery from viral infection, if you understand Hindi you can watch my below video.

Second Supplement i use By Growel Agrovet is Growlive Care, this will provide protection to your bird Liver and this Liver tonic come with Vitamins, Amino Acids & Probiotics which provide additional nutrients and help to Liver regeneration, if you understand Hindi you can watch my below video.

For Loose Motion you can use any antibiotic for your birds i use and recommend Flagyl Syrup this is human medicine which can use for birds also and you can use any kind of antibiotic which recommended to you by any one, Metrogyl, Powergyl, Tetracycline also you can use for your birds. These all medicine can be use for Cough & Cold, Loose Motion, Sneezing,  if you understand Hindi you can watch my below video.

I hope these all Supplements/ Medicine for your birds can help you to protect your birds from any kind of infection which spread by the weather change or by the other birds or pets.

Thanks for read my blog and please support for us to provide you more information for regarding your any pets.

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